Who are we? 

We are a small business consisting of 5 ambitious students, all coming from the same high school in Diekirch. We all go to the same class together, which is how we came to start this project. Our business was started under the guidance of our high school and the asbl “Jonk Entrepreneuren Letzebuerg”. Our goal is to make children and adults happy. These trails are supposed to get people away from their screens and closer to the outdoors. They let you discover beautiful Luxembourgish villages and towns in a playful way. Even though everyone has their own responsibilities and positions, we all work together as a team and we’re not afraid to ask each other for advice.   

Our history 

Our story starts in September when we enrolled in optional school classes. We all chose the small business project. We were 5 motivated students who were all interested in building our own company. 

In the beginning, we were struggling to find a fresh and viable idea of what we wanted to do together. We went through all the regular ideas for small businesses, like making food, soap etc. But we quickly realized that this wasn’t working for us, so instead, we all looked for values we strongly supported, and let our common passion, discovering nature,  guide us. We didn’t want to be just another small business producing things that nobody actually needs, so we decided to sell experiences instead. We want to share our passion with other people and so after a few months, an idea became a finalized service. With our culinary scavenger hunt, we want to offer families a nice leisure activity. Our first trail is through Diekirch because we attend school here and there are many beautiful places to discover. 

The individuals: 

Máté Magyar

Head of the business 

I am Mate, CEO of Foodsteps and responsible for designing the website. I try to get the most out of our small business in order to gain as much experience as possible for the future. In my free time, I deal with music a lot and sometimes go on small walks for a change. 

Fabian Hilkhuijsen

Administrator and organizer of the business 

I am Fabian and responsible for the organization and administrative tasks at Foodsteps. My goal is to start and run a company by myself someday, so I am happy to be part of this project. In my free time, I volunteer at the fire department and play saxophone and clarinet in the orchestra. 

Lisa George

Accountant of the business  

I am Lisa and I am the financial manager of our group. This means that I take care of the accounting and the financial situation of our company. A hobby of mine is spending all my money on a new hair colour each week, anything else would be boring. Otherwise, I am the most open person you could know, you can literally talk about everything with me. 

Mattéo Mercier

Accountant of the business  

I am Matteo Mercier and I am also responsible for the accounting of Foodsteps. I am excited to join this project because I see a lot of potential in the idea. I am happy to be a part of the company and to gain experience for the future. I play badminton in my free time and like to take walks in the fresh air. 

Emma Lutgen

Graphic designer of the business  

I’m Emma and I’m mainly responsible for the visual side of foodsteps. I brought our mascot, Otto, to life with help from a friend. My creative side allows me is to take over the graphic tasks of the company. I’m also personally and professionally interested in graphic design, so I’m hoping to gain experiences for later in life.