The Trail

This is Otto,

and he tells you now, all the things that you can experience on our scavenger hunt.

With one click on “Buy”, you can reserve your tickets for this nice scavenger hunt throughout Diekirch. After payment, you will receive within 48 hours (Payment via Credit-card/Paypal/Apple-Pay) the detailed documents to your Email address. After this, you’re able to go on our culinary trail whenever you please.

Information regarding the trail


• 7 Kilometers

• 30 Altitude meters

• ± 2 – 2,5 Hours walking time

• For families with children from about 5 – 10 years

• Price: 23 Euros for a child between 0 – 16 years

• Price: 29 Euros for an adult

• Included in the price: 3 food stations (pastry + hot beverage, lunch, dessert, gift, souvenir, diploma)

• Recommended starting time: 10h00 am. – 10h30 am. (on weekdays) or 3h30 pm. – 4h00 pm. (Mondays to Saturdays)

• The trail is stroller suitable

• More information in the GTC

• All other information (the exact way, map, riddles, vouchers for the food and gift,…) are being sent per Email after payment


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